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Bridging the Gap

Between industry news and personal experience.

Timing Social Security Thumbnail

Timing Social Security

Minimizing taxes in retirement is just as important as it is during your working life – but since the source of your income has changed, you need to deploy different strategies. We’ll take a look at what assets are taxed and how a thoughtful plan that incorporates timing your social security withdrawals and paying attention to how you rebalance your portfolio can reduce them.

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Investing in Retirement: It’s About Avoiding Volatility Thumbnail

Investing in Retirement: It’s About Avoiding Volatility

You’ve been saving and investing diligently and now retirement is finally here. You may be at the end of the working stage of your life, but the investing stage continues. Since you don’t have time to recover from big market drops, and a lowering of portfolio values may impact your income stream, avoiding volatility is one of the keys to preserving your assets.

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