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creating an active, happy retirement is your challenge. funding it is mine

Paul Tarins Photo

Paul Tarins

I’ve been a resident of central Florida for over thirty years; I received my bachelor’s in economics from Florida State University and have been here ever since. 

As I was building my career, I worked at major financial institutions and smaller boutiques.  These experiences provided me with a comprehensive framework to understand the economics of investing through market cycles, and the practical financial knowledge of the strategies and instruments – the nuts and bolts – that can be deployed to create and maintain wealth. 

The only thing that was missing was independence.  I wanted to be able to provide my clients with advice that was built on their financial situations and needs, without having to answer to anyone else for the investments I recommend.  

I launched my firm because I wanted to be an independent advisor, but at the same time I realized that I wanted to specialize in only one type of client – those who are approaching and are in retirement.  I knew from my experience that this is the most challenging aspect of an investor’s financial timeline. The moving parts of transitioning away from work, creating a new lifestyle, and figuring out how and when to deploy the various income streams that can be accessed or created are some of the difficult decisions investors have to make.  

My approach to guiding my clients through retirement is what differentiates me.  I want to be involved from the beginning to the end of their retirements, helping and guiding them through all the changes along the way. I bring the nuances of what I’ve learned about preserving and growing wealth to every client relationship. I like to be involved. I ask that you call and share what is going on with you, your health, your kids, your dreams. Because I’m sure that whatever it is, I can figure out a way to keep your money in service of your life.