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Our method has one main goal: 

help you build a life in retirement

1. Determine your retirement life plan

What you want to accomplish and
how you want to live in retirement.

2. Asses your risk appetite

We create a plan with two things in mind:
Reaching your goals and letting you sleep at night.

3. Create a flexible plan

The plan needs to work for your goals, it needs
to work with your life. Every plan is custom to you.

4. Balance and align

It’s never set it and forget it, markets move,
your plan needs to move with it.

How We Work Together

We believe that our relationship with you is a long-term partnership. To be successful, we’ll need to collaborate on everything from determining your goals to implementing the plans that will get you there. Because the relationship is so important, we believe in ensuring we are aligned from the beginning. That’s why we’re very clear about our process, and about each of our roles. We know that the emotional impact often presents the biggest challenge to sticking to an investment plan.  That’s why we work hard to protect our clients from making emotional decisions that can negatively impact their long-term investment success. We believe that a plan involves discipline, a long-term perspective and regular reviews.

We’ll spend our first meeting discussing your goals in detail. Not what you think, or have been told, is possible based on your assets – what you really want the next phase of your life to look like. From there, we’ll provide you with a comprehensive road map to look across every aspect of your assets and income, including any existing risk management strategies you have in place.

For our next meeting, we put in the work to analyze your existing assets and any future income from pensions or social security. Now that we understand what you want to achieve , we go back to the data and create a flexible plan that incorporates your goals. We present you with a realistic assessment of portfolio risk and how that will work in actual market scenarios, to be sure you’ll be comfortable keeping the plan on track. We test our plan aggressively to ensure that your goals stay achievable.

There is no final step with my process. We implement, we keep talking, we make any changes that we need to base on your life, your needs, and the economic environment.